Opportunities for students with disabilities

The NSWPSSA encourages students with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities to participate in the swimming, cross country and athletics program as well as teams sports. Contact should be made with the Sydney East Executive Office to ascertain procedures for inclusion in events prior to each of the carnivals.All students need to have a classification. What is classification?
Paralympic sport exists so that athletes with a disability have equal opportunities to compete and be successful in sport. Classification groups athletes who have similar impairments together into classes for competition in their particular sport. Each Paralympic sport has a different classification system.


Eligibility is based on the classification criteria below in the following classification categories:


Classification codes: Athletics TF31-57 and Swimming S1-10
Functional classifications involve a series of physical assessments to determine the extent of the limitation. It may include amputees, cerebral palsy etc

Classification codes: Athletics TF11-13 and Swimming S11-13
Students with a visual acuity that is less than or equal to LogMAR = 1.00 (6/60) and/or the visual field is less than a diameter of 40 degrees. All classifications are allocated from the best eye with best corrected vision. Eye conditions may include albinism, retinis pigmentosa, macular dystrophy and rod cone dystrophy.

Classification codes: Athletics TF20 and Swimming S14
Students with an IQ equal to or less than 75 as assessed by a professionally administered IQ test, and significant limitations in adaptive behaviour (conceptual, social or practical adaptive skills).
Hearing –

Classification codes Athletics TF01 and Swimming S15
Students with hearing level loss of at least 55 decibels (dB) over 3 frequencies at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz (Hz) in the better ear as assessed by an audiologist or audiometrist.

Classification codes: Athletics TF30 and Swimming S16
Students who have had an organ or bone marrow transplant including kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas.

Contact Rebecca Hanrahan (9707 6958) for information about the NSW PSSA Disability Participation Program.